R.E.M. invented alternative rock and paved the way for almost every successful alternative band to follow.  Underground but accessible, indie but not beholden to any scene or genre, and “cool” without having any of the trappings normally associated with rock-star coolness, their template redefined what a rock band is supposed to be.  From 1980 through 2011, few bands were as consistently great as R.E.M.

REMember is an R.E.M. tribute band based in Niwot, Colorado.  Our live performances are true to R.E.M.'s musical aesthetic and recreate the sound, energy, and intensity of the now-retired alternative rock pioneers.  REMember delivers the scrappy, artsy mix of punk-band energy, jangly guitar hooks, and introspective oft-mumbled lyrics that define R.E.M.

Focusing on classic R.E.M. material from the 1981 introductory EP "Chronic Town" through
the band's first nine albums (from 1983-1994: "Murmur", "Reckoning", "Fables of the Reconstruction", "Lifes Rich Pageant", "Document", "Green", "Out of Time", "Automatic for the People", and "Monster"), REMember brings the legendary chart-topping hits and many
of the fan-favorite deeper tracks to life with amazing accuracy and detail.

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